MAXI MONOCHROME- what I wore on a city break


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Dress- TKMaxx- /Shoes- Zara/ Bag- Louis Vuitton/ Necklace- Purchase in Hong Kong

Live, love and learn


Yalla Yalla


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So as I am now a budgetnista but still love going out so I decied to create a cheap eat list of my own. So I now have two lists my splash the cash restaurant list and my cheap eats list.. So I am on a mission to discover fabulous cheap eats in and around London. So last week when the BF and I were pottering around town we decided to head into Yalla Yalla for lunch.

Great for- yummy food, a food feast, budgetnistas, a trip to Beirut without the airfare. Go with the BF, your girls or your crazy Arab friend who is missing home.

Unfortunately when we went I only had my Iphone on me so the pictures are slightly blurry.


The atmosphere in the restaurant was tres buzzy!! The BF and I popped down on a Saturday afternoon around 1.30pm and only had a 10 min wait for a table.


The BF and ate lots and lots and everything was absolutely amazing!!


I love the fact that you can share the food. Sharing is caring after all.



I really loved the chicken liver above. Liver is something I enjoy eating if cooked well and this was done well.


Deets-Yalla Yalla . The BF and I popped to the Green’s Court restaurant, but for others click on the Yalla Yalla.

Ps I loved this place so much that I am going to be coming back really soon.

T: 020 7287 7663

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Staycation vacation


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Ola darlings!! Happy Thursday!

So those who have been reading my blog would know I do not consider a staycation a vaction. For me a holiday is boarding a plane and using my passport. Oh how times have changed. The darling BF and I had a fabulous potter down in South Wales and I have to say one a staycation can be a vacation and two you do not need your passport.

I feel in Wales last year when I got invited to an amazing wedding but my trip made me really fall in love with Wales. I have many love layers, surface love and deep love. Wales is in the deep love zone now.

We stayed in the Marriott as unfortunately all the cute little B&Bs were sold out. On day one we managed to visit three beaches along the coast and had a fabulous day.

From London it took us approx 3 hours to get to Mumbles and our first stop was to eat! Suprise. Who doesn’t love food.



First stop was Rhossili Bay.



The BF and had a fabulous walk across the cliffs and along the beach! We even fell asleep in the sun on the beach. Bliss!



I so didn’t pack for the weather. Fashion travel faux pas!


Three Cliffs Bay was our next stop for a couple of hours of pottering.


Who knew that I would feel fresh sand between my feet on a sun day in the UK! Loved it!


I will be writing up the second part of my staycation vacation when I come back from my city vacation with my darling mother. Ciao bella darlings.

Live, love and learn




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Printastic- what I wore to the theatre


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Happy Monday Folks.

Hope everyone had a fabulous weekend.



Dress- DKNY. Sandals- BCBG. Bag- Prada- Sunglasses-Chloe-Jewellery-purchase from Hong Kong

Live, love and learn



London Girl


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Happy HUMP DAY beautiful people!! This hump day marks the return of the London Girl!! Whoooo! I have to say writing this post is AMAZEBALLS, as I love my London Girls and personally really enjoy reading what they have written.  Hope you are all having a fabulous day in London and wherever else in the world you are reading this from.

So last night when I was thinking who will mark the return of the London Girl I thought it would be this particular person since I only saw them on Saturday.  Then I got thinking what on earth will I write about them since I know them via a friend. Well I would say this London Girl very much reminds me of Jessica Alba, the girl next door who is easy going, fun relaxed, up for a laugh and has her head screwed on.

What would you do if you were Queen for the day?

I’d call MI5 and get them to brief me on all the big secrets! After that I would put laws into place to stop the ridiculous wealth divide we have – how can we have footballers (who are a waste of space most of the time) earning so much more than nurses, policemen and firemen?

How would you describe your style?

Quite girly and conservative but (hopefully!) stylish too! That’s what I am aiming for anyway…

Are you a designer or high street girl?

High street

Have you had any fashion splurges or bargain finds?

My biggest splurge was my Marc Jacobs handbag – I love that bag!

What is your favourite clothes shop?


What is the romantic thing someone has done for you?

Probably driving 200 miles after work to take me out for dinner and then going straight back again for work the next day

What’s your favourite part of London?

I love Borough market! Apart from that I like being anywhere which is close to the river and which has green spaces, so Putney and Fulham are perfect for me!

Where or what would you recommend for a first date?

I like the idea of Sunday lunch in a cosy pub somewhere….maybe there would be some board games thrown into the equation too!

Where do you go to let loose with your girls?

Fez club! I love that place!

Where have you recently gone on holiday to escape the big smoke of London?

Just back from skiing in France, I love getting out on the slopes every year as it is so peaceful! That is until the après ski begins….

What’s your life philosophy?

Not really a philosophy but I like the saying ‘If you can keep your head when all around you have lost theirs, then you probably haven’t understood the seriousness of the situation’

Hope you all have a fabulous day and thank you v. much to this week’s London Girl.

Live, love and learn.



Dance to your own beat


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In life you have to dance to your own beat and make life choices that suit your here and now.  It is so easy to get swept up in what everyone else is doing and their life choices but it’s far better to follow your own path and do as your heart desires.  After all you only you live with the emotions of your decision so always remember folks dance to your own beat.

Have a fabulous sunny Tuesday everyone.

Live, love and learn



Breakfast like a Queen @ Roast


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Morning beautiful people!!

It is official the sun is shining on us Londoners!  I am sat here typing away and I have no Monday blues as Mr Sun is official.

So one of my favourite meals of the day is breakfast! My principle is you should eat like a Queen at breakfast.  During the week I have porridge but I love the weekends when I indulge and make myself a cooked breakfast.  Now I am not talking about a full english more roasted peppers, mushrooms, salmon and bagels or yummy omelette! So you can imagine my delight when I got invited to Roast to have a mid-week proper breakfast!


Roast is situated within the wonderful Borough Market.  So it’s a great place to start the day before pottering around the market or around London.

The restaurant itself is in a large airy room, with some good views weather permitting.

I was surprised that mid-week it was extremely buzzy with city types of the nice variety and non city types (me).  This is going to sound extremely weird but I absolutely loved the fact that the tables were dressed.  I find so often with brunch/breakfast restaurants they do not dress the table unless it is a hotel breakfast.  Breakfast is an occassion and at Roast it certainly felt that way.


We started off breakfast with some warm bread.  I absolutely loved the bread with the fruit pieces!


I opted to have the eggs Benedict for breakfast as it is a classic fav! It certainly did not disappoint and I happily munched away and cleared my plate.



Without a doubt Roast was the perfect start to my day!

Deets: Monday- Friday 7.00 am-11am/Saturday 8.00-11.00am.  Contact on 0845 034 7300. Address The Floral Hall, Stoney Street, London SE1 1TL. Nearest tube is London Bridge.

Have a fabulous day everyone! Ps If you are on twitter and want to check out what to diarise just use the #tlldiariseit

Live, love and learn


Diarise it

Did your mother teach you……?


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Happy fridayfeeling everyone.

Today I thought i would talk MONEY and share my latest insights. It is not really a fridayfeeling topic but very appropriate as it is the end of the month.  So the fact is I am a 20 something year old who has only properly learnt how to budget. YIKES! In the cold light of day that is a scary fact considering I knew how to do maths from age 4!

My darling mother has taught me plenty of life skills

How to dress- Classic styles rules

How to survive the workplace- Do not be a push over and work hard

How to find a great guy- They all have faults, find one with the least faults

How to have a successful relationship- Compromise, smile and nod when he is talking minor rubbish, scream when he is talking major rubbish

Friendships- Good ones are hard to find, be kind, be there and have a laugh

Budget- BLANK


If I think about what budget advice she has given I would say it is not really a lot (sorry dearest mummy if you are reading this and you actually did give me budget advice. It was most probably one of those moments were I switched off).

Despite not having motherly wisdom on budgets I think I have finally cracked it. Hoooorah! Here are my tips so far

A Prada Bag (substitute for any designer brand of your choice) is NOT an investment.


So as a basic I have stopped thinking of any designer purchase as an investment. I wiki’d what investment is and in finance terms

‘Investment is putting something with expectation of gain, usually over a long term’.

I very much doubt my DVF tops, designer bags, lovely Cartier Watch, any Tiffany Jewellery I have will gain in value. I think accepting that is a good start, so when I decide to spend X on something I know and will not trick myself that is an investment. Please note this does not mean I will not ever buy designer things. My money pot above is going towards my big birthday treat which would be something outrageously grand because I would be old and have told myself I am worth it!


Things that happen automatically, actually happen. Direct debit was the best invention ever. So by setting a direct debt to pay my savings account first it gets done. It is no longer the case that i spend first and save what is left.



“Annual income twenty pounds, annual expenditure nineteen pounds nineteen shillings and six pence, result happiness. Annual income twenty pounds, expenditure twenty pounds and six, result misery” Mr Micawber. Charles Dickens

I absolutely love this quote because it is spot on. You need to have an idea of what is coming in and what is going out. The total left at the end of the month should not be MINUS. If it is getting a spreadsheet and figuring out what comes in and what goes out would be a good starting point.

So tomorrow is a new month which means a new budget. If you have not got one already this may be the perfect time to get started.

Hope everyone has a fabulous weekend.

Live, love and learn.



Ps. London Girl is back first hump day of the month. Whoooo.

The Truscott Arms


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Great for – wine lovers who want to get clued up. Fun event with the girls or a the BF.


So I got invited to The Truscott Wine Club at the Truscutt Arms a few hump days ago and got the chance to take someone with me so I went along with my BFF (not to be confused with the BF). It was actually perfectly timed as that particular week was a tough one so turning it to winewednesday was needed!

The Truscott Arms is a charming pub in Maida Vale.  The wine tasting is held in an upstairs room within the pub and involves tasting wine along with nibbling on some light snacks.  Raul Diaz ,former head sommelier at Michel Roux Jr, is the man who runs the evening.

Having tried a few wining tasting events this one is where I had a fab night and came away with plenty of knowledge.  I was so impressed with how much I learnt I couldn’t resist showing off to the BF my new found knowledge. So thank you Mr Diaz!


We tried six different wines, three whites and three reds. The tasting was really interactive and unlike some tastings no question is too stupid and it was really interactive.  The evening was very relaxed, fun and easy. As well as the wine, light finger food is served.  Just what you need after a hard days work.


After wine tasting my BFF and I had din dins at the pub. Despite been hump day the restaurant was buzzy.

I opted for fish, it’s not something I normally order in a restaurant as I am a meat lover. I was not left disappointed with the food.


My BFF opted for the chicken and as her plate was clear I am sure that she enjoyed it.


I had a really lovely evening with my darling bestie and felt feeling less frazzle dazzled. Wine and food make many a drab hump day fun.

Deets: The Truscott Wine Club at The Truscott Arms 55 Shirland Road, W9 2JD.   £30 per person held monthly in the Truscott Arms. Contact 020 7266 9198

Have a fabulous day everyone.

Live, love and learn.



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Happiness is a journey


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One of my favourite things which I always say is ‘I just want to be happy’.  If I had a dollar, euro, pound whatever currency it maybe for every time I say that I would be minted. It is not that I am a unhappy person, it is just I crave always been happy and always want to be happy. But something clicked just a few days ago and I realise that there is not a destination called happy.  Happiness is a journey not a destination.  In every day little things I do I have happiness. For me something simple as feeling a bath with REN Moroccan oil brings me great happiness, in taking time out to tap away on the blog brings me great happiness and eating really yummy food actually brings me great happiness. So just remember let the small things you do in your journey will bring you happiness. Have a fabulous Tuesday all.


Live, love and learn.