The face behind the blog

I started this blog because I was fed up with saying I would love to start a blog.   I always say to people JUST DO IT, so this is me JUST DOING IT.

I am a 20 something London Girl who loves fashion, food, travelling and all the fun sparkly things in life.  My motto in life is to live, love and learn.

The blog is called the limoncello life due to the fact I find the italian way to be relaxed and fits perfectly with my life choice.

The reviews on my site are about places and things that I really believe in and would recommend to friends, family and any random strangers that seek my opinion.  I am PR friendly so if you would like for me to include your restaurant, bar, hotel or product in the Limoncello Life, please get in touch via email with a brief overview.

Apart from the blog you can also find me on

twitter @limoncellogirl



I hope you enjoy my limoncello journey with me.


3 thoughts on “The face behind the blog”

  1. Hey Dear 🙂

    Listen, I nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award here: 🙂


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