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Happy humpday beautiful people!! I  am back from Lisbon and it was fabulous! I will be posting about my trip shortly. I am not an advocate of too much whinging but what is going on with the weather in London.


This morning I woke up checked my iPhone to see what temperatures we were expecting and I saw this. No word of a lie I thought my iPhone was broken, so I popped onto beebs only to find out my iPhone hadn’t lost the plot and was in fact working. Sad times com. If I disappear it’s because I have drowned in London! Whinge over.

Now about today’s London girl. I first met her through the BF at her wedding when she was walking down the isle to her beau. My first impression was wow gorgeous! Now I have got to know her I would say not only is she gorgeous but she is a very sweet lovely person, genuine and what’s more intelligent. A combo many woman would kill for. Hope you enjoy this week’s London girl

What would you do if you were Queen for the day?

Based on recent events I think I would improve privacy laws or at least vet the information provided about me to the media. No one needs to know about tummy problems!

I would like to think that I would be altruistic and try to fix the problems of the country but as it is only for a day I would be more preoccupied with enjoying the life of luxury.

I would throw a fabulous garden party at Buckingham Palace for all my friends and wouldn’t worry about being politically correct having to invite people I don’t know or politicians, I would merely have my closest friends around and have a blast. Of course this would be while wearing as many of the Crown Jewels as I could possibly manage.  It may be a bit bling but they have to have an outing every once in a while, besides what girl wouldn’t want to carry the Sovereign’s Sceptre with its 530 carat diamond? J

How would you describe your style?

I’m not really sure. I suppose I have more of a classic style. I prefer clean lines and block colour. I don’t really follow trends so I have items in my wardrobe that date back years!

Are you a designer or high street girl?

Definitely high street. I wish I was more designer but budgetary constraints mean only a few pieces here and there are of the more expensive range. I do like nice accessories and don’t really like costume jewellery so if I can invest in a nice piece then I will.

Have you had any fashion splurges or bargain finds?

I recently bought myself a gorgeous Mulberry Bayswater bag. It’s probably the most I’ve ever spent on one item, aside from my wedding dress. I absolutely love it. I’m not great at finding bargains but have read that Oxfam shops around Chelsea, Notthing Hill and Kensington have some brilliant things on offer. Maybe I’ll set aside a weekend to explore.

What is your favourite clothes shop?

Hmm let’s see… for casual clothes I really like Warehouse, Oasis, Mango and Gap. For work clothes I like Hobbs, though prefer to wait for the sales! For the safer work look I always revert to T.M. Lewin. If I have to get a nice party or cocktail dress my first stop is always Coast. Their dresses are just so gorgeous and I love the fact that you can get matching shoes and handbags all in one place.

What is the romantic thing someone has done for you?

This definitely has to be when my now husband proposed while we were on a city break in Rome. He had been planning it for months and I didn’t have a clue! He proposed at the end of our first day, at the top of Castel Sant’Angelo which has beautiful views over Rome. He timed it so that we were there at sunset and wanted to do it on the first day so that we could spend the rest of our trip as a newly engaged couple. Aside from the fact that Rome is an amazing city, that made our long weekend just magical.

What’s your favourite part of London?

I really enjoy exploring Soho. I love the variety that it offers: quirky art and design companies, fabric stores (even though I can’t sew I find these shops mesmerising!), cocktail bars, brilliant restaurants, etc. You can pick any type of cuisine you fancy and it’s very likely you will find a restaurant which caters for it. My favourite cocktail bar is Barrio Central on Poland Street. It has great atmosphere, amazing cocktails and the best nachos ever. And Scoop on Brewer Street really does the best ice cream in London!

I also love the openness of the Soho. People are unrestricted and can be themselves.

Where or what would you recommend for a first date?

This is a tough one for me as it’s been nearly 10 years since I’ve been on a first date. I met my husband at Univeristy and so being poor students most of our dates revolved around the Student Union and coffee shops…going out for dinner was always such a treat.

I think being able to talk and get to know each other during a first date is crucial. So a nice bar with a relaxed but still vibrant atmosphere followed by dinner (if things have progressed well) would be a good start. Activity dates are always better for the second and third date since then you are trying to gauge how the other person is in different situations.

Gordons Wine Bar on Villiers Street near Embankment tube is great. It has seating set in what look like little caves so this can always be a good talking point. Reservations are a must as it is VERY popular but the seats are slightly apart from where people stand so you get the atmosphere but can still talk. From there you are within walking distance to Somerset House where Tom’s Terrace has a brilliant heated outside bar and of course only a short walk to Soho (Dean Street) for lots of restaurants.

Where do you go to let loose with your girls?

If I’m meeting with other London girls after work the City, near Bank tube is an easy meeting point for most of us. Some work in the area while the transport links for everyone else are very convenient. This area has so much to offer from trendy bars like the Anthologist to nice Bar & Restaurants like Rocket and great views from Madison Cafe at One Change. Of course we have been known on occasion to really let loose at Abacus, the meat market of the City. As long as you can find a table or corner where you can dance around your handbags it’s a great place to party.

Where have you recently gone on holiday to escape the big smoke of London?

Our most recent holiday was at the end of January for a week skiing in Alpe d’Huez, France. Absolutely beautiful scenery and fantastic snow. I really didn’t want to leave. There is nothing that beats the feeling of a great day skiing, hard work but so much fun, and coming home to tea and homemade cake, relaxing in the jacuzzi for a while, and then having a three course meal while discussing your day with family and friends. For me one of the biggest bonuses of skiing is that I can eat anything I want without feeling guilty as I know I will burn it off the next day!

What’s your life philosophy?

I’m not sure I have a life philosophy but there is a saying which I like and remind myself of quite often: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step”.

This has served me well in tackling many tasks and situations and has always been a great motivator.


Have a fabulous day everyone.


Live, love and learn