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Ola darlings!! Happy Thursday!

So those who have been reading my blog would know I do not consider a staycation a vaction. For me a holiday is boarding a plane and using my passport. Oh how times have changed. The darling BF and I had a fabulous potter down in South Wales and I have to say one a staycation can be a vacation and two you do not need your passport.

I feel in Wales last year when I got invited to an amazing wedding but my trip made me really fall in love with Wales. I have many love layers, surface love and deep love. Wales is in the deep love zone now.

We stayed in the Marriott as unfortunately all the cute little B&Bs were sold out. On day one we managed to visit three beaches along the coast and had a fabulous day.

From London it took us approx 3 hours to get to Mumbles and our first stop was to eat! Suprise. Who doesn’t love food.



First stop was Rhossili Bay.



The BF and had a fabulous walk across the cliffs and along the beach! We even fell asleep in the sun on the beach. Bliss!



I so didn’t pack for the weather. Fashion travel faux pas!


Three Cliffs Bay was our next stop for a couple of hours of pottering.


Who knew that I would feel fresh sand between my feet on a sun day in the UK! Loved it!


I will be writing up the second part of my staycation vacation when I come back from my city vacation with my darling mother. Ciao bella darlings.

Live, love and learn




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