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VOLTAIRE. Great for: An amazing night out with the girls/ the boys and anyone you can fit into a Vault. The more the merrier I say! Perfect for anyone who loves Champagne

Happy hump day folks! So it’s time to get the little red book out again to diarise an amazing bar called Voltaire for some fab vaultshots and plenty of bubbles.

Voltaire is a new champagne and cigar terrace bar in London. I popped along last hump day to have a peruse and a light lunch and cocktails. I left feeling super buzzed.


I absolutely fell in love with the alley way at Voltaire, it had that outside inside feeling, which for us Londoners is perfect.


I had lunch in one of the Vaults and loved the intimacy of it. This is a place where you a group of friends can go wild in sumptuous surroundings.


Voltaire champagne of choice is Pommery. I have never had Pommery champagne before but I really loved it. Now I am no champagne connoisseur so my descriptive words are not flowery but I would describe it as light and not too eggy (I did say I was not a connoisseur).
Whilst at the bar I opted for a goat’s cheese salad, I was rather tempted by a few other things on the menu mainly the club sandwich but as I am working on shedding my winter body I resisted. The goat’s cheese salad was fresh and the goat cheese was smooth.



Apart from champagne, you can have the most amazing cocktails at Voltaire.  Find me a girl who does not love cocktails and I will eat my Prada bag 😉


Symphony No 9 cocktail left me on a high note singing oh la la la.  It was absolutely divine. The cocktail was so huge I could practically swim in it.

Japanese Garden

Japanese Garden

If you are rather Old fashioned then the Old Fashioned is a great cocktail, smooth and slightly more sweet than New Fashioned.

Old Fashioned cocktail

Old Fashioned cocktail

My only problem is when I am going to find another date in the diary to diarise it with my craziest friends.

Deets:- Voltaire is located in the Crown Plaza Hotel, but has it’s own separate entrance. 19 New Bridge Street, EC4V 6DB
Don’t forget to bring an ipod so you can dock it and dance the night away.
Ps Just remember what happens in the Vault stays in the Vault. The headbar man won’t share your secrets.

Diarise it