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Ola beautiful people.

The sun is well and truly shining on my beloved London and I am loving it!

For those of you who read my crazy, random tweet feeds, you would have seen earlier on today I tweeted ‘We all have wings, we just need to learn to fly with them’.  This  is officially my motto for the month of May which starts tomorrow.

I think in life we are all gifted with wings to take us on amazing adventures and journeys it is just a case of learning how to fly to get to our chosen destination.  Sometimes fear or not knowing where we are going prevents us from making that journey, but sometimes it is the doubt that we don’t have the wings in the first place to make the journey that holds us back.  I have sometimes  often lost or forgotten I have wings along life’s pathway.  This happens most often when I have stumbled, fallen and crawled through my journey.  But then when the chips are really down I have looked to the side and remembered my wings and started to flap away until I am flying again. So whenever your life chips are down just remember you do have wings, you just need to learn/ remember how to fly with them.


Ps Make sure you check in on me tomorrow’s hump day Diarise It post to get the lowdown on a London Bar that puts the V back in Va Va Voom.

live, love and learn