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So I popped along to Borough Market with my mother today. Oh how times have changed. Gone are the days were the only place I would eat is somewhere with a table and chair a la restaurant.  The BF my Mr Michelin starred restaurant lover has thankfully introduced me to the joys of street food.  I have to say I am now really really really into it. Nothing like pottering (which is my fav activity) around a market and eating (which is on my top ten life things to enjoy).

Borough Market is London’s answer to La Boqueria Food market in Barcelona.


It is a super crowded with everyone wondering with no sense of direction. I am sure there is an order to this place but I find it better just to potter around and stumble on various findins.  I really fancied a rump steak sandwich for £6.00 (see sign in the picture above) but so did every other Londoner, tourist and alien resident and as I don’t like queueing I gave it a miss. Major sobs. I will have to come back for this on another Saturday.


Fresh juice anyone??? This is what I so need after my morning gym sessions.  Wonder if they deliver???


Nothing like a glass of mulled wine when it is super cold outside. Super yummy and warming, just what a cold Londoner needs when wandering around the market.


I could not resist a slice of Bailey’s cheesecake.  I figured I worked out hard in the morning so the basic formula of input versus output meant I would be at square one.


It is a good job you cannot turn big by looking at food. I did manage to resist the above delight.


Tea for two anyone?


I had an amazing turkey wrap from Wyndham House Poultry. Sorry no pics of said fab wrap, it was so yummy it got munched super quick. (Note to self, one must chew food and remember to take pictures of yummy food for mandatory foodporn.)


Important deets


Au revoir lovely people.


Ps major thanks to my two BFFs (you know who you are) and my one BF (you know who you are as well), this post is dedicated to you all. It is official!! I AM BACK!!! Whooop Whooop (said in my normal squeal!)


Live, love and learn