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Happy Monday!! So I have been a lazy bones about writing about my trip to Valencia.  I think I didn’t want to write about the trip as I did not want to see sun photos when I feel so so cold.  Anyhows I am over it now…..so here we go.

Valencia is the third largest city in Spain, that is the only fact I know about the city apart from that it is in Spain.  Oh and they speak Spanish.  I found the city to be uber quaint and cosy.  The BF kept on describing it as ‘middle class’.  For me Valencia did not quite have a patch on Barcelona only because it didn’t have that buzz that Barca has. However do not let this put you off, as I am putting it on my revisit list.




So I stayed at the Westin Valencia hotel.  The hotel was absolutely amazing and had a swimming pool and gym. I would definitely recommend it as base in Valencia. I love hotels with swimming pools as I only tend to swim when I am abroad.  Unfortunately I did not get the chance to utilise it on this occassion.  There are plenty of hotels to choose from in Valencia, so if you are not wanting to splash the cash, there are hotels in all budget ranges.


My top holiday city trip is walk walk walk.  What I loved most about Valencia was stumbling on quaint little finds.  The city ha a weird underlying element of romance that was sprinkled all over.


So I am going to start with a very weird recommendation.  They say when in Rome do as the Romans do, however occassional like to say when in Rome do as the Chinese do.  What I am mean by that is trying the local dish of that country is great but just occassionally why not shake things up a bit and try say french food in Spain.

To  be honest the BF and I stumbled upon this creperie by complete accident.  After walking with what felt like decades we found this place tucked around a corner, full of locals.  I love a good Creperie with my ex- favourite one been in Aix en Provence.  I am a fickle food lover and have a new favourite Creperie bretonne.


The BF settled for a very yummy cod, red pepper and potato crepe.  I went for a very fatty bacon, creme, onion and potato. Yummy.



Part two of my trip is to follow later on in the week.

Live, love and learn.