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So it feels like I have been a poor London restaurant/bar recommender.  Truth is I am not quite sure what I have been doing for the past two months.  I have quite a few things Diarised, so I thought I would share with you what I have put in my diary and the reviews will come as and when the dates get ticked off.


So I had a Burger and Lobster date tonight which I am really looking forward to but unfortunately I had to cancel.  I was meant to go to Burger and Lobster at the start of January but found it hard to find one willing person to go with me. That is what detox January does to my social diary, no one wants to eat or drink so its a month of starvation.  I am hoping to re-diarise this place as soon as possible and once I do I will aim to get this review up as soon as possible and promise to include as much food porn as possible.



Next stop in my diary is Clubhouse in Clapham.  I have a date night booked with my amazing BF here.  I love a good cocktail and wanted to try something new, so I choose this place.

picture from Clubhouse website

picture from Clubhouse website


Now this is an old favourite of mine and actually discovered it through one of my darling BFFs who now lives in Dubai.  She had her 21st birthday here and ever since then Babylon and I have been faithful friends.  I love this place for a Sunday lunch, as the atmosphere is super easy and the food is good.  When I find somewhere I love I end up going over and over again.



So I booked this place as it was on the London Tube map of restaurants.  I really like the idea and so cannot wait to go.  Believe it or not I have already decided what I will eat and my booking is in 6 weeks time.  For now I have settled on the chicken, mushroom and champagne pie as it sounds yummy.  I will most probably change my mind a million times before I go.

picture from Bob Bob Ricard website

picture from Bob Bob Ricard website

Where is everyone Diarising???? Please let me know, whether it be in London or around the world I love a good bar/restaurant recommendation.

Live, love and learn.



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