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1. Pancake day- So for anyone already following my tweets, this is slightly old news. During lunch time I was desperately craving a ready made pancake so kindly asked a colleague of mine to get me some from the shops.  This is what she came back with. It made everyone laugh in the office and even thinking about it now puts a smile on my face.

2. SWALK- So V day has come and gone.  I hope you all had a fab day regardless of whether you are single or coupled.  Just remember there are 364 days of the year to show and share your love.

3. VALENCIA- I kept it pretty quite on the blog that I had a mini weekend trip to Valencia.  This picture sums up Spain’s third largest city in my eyes.  It was full of many hidden gems and was definitely a beautiful city.  I had a great weekend break  and fingers crossed I will hopefully get to return soon.

4. FOODIE- Okay I love food, and was pretty gutted I did not get to eat out as much as possible in Valencia. I know this is going to seem potty to most but I ate the most divine Crepe ever on this trip.  I did have plenty of local food as well but stumbled on this Creperie which was full of local people so decided to eat there.  I opted for a very manly cheese, cream, potatoes, onion and bacon crepe and  enjoyed every single calorie of it.

5.  EVALUATE- Sometimes we get so swept up in life that we often forget to just stop for a moment and appreciate and evaluate what we have.   I often find that after a weekend break I feel in a good place to consolidate my thoughts. Does anyone else do that?

If last week was not a good week, this week can be a great week.

Live, love and learn.