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Happy Valentine’s day all. Whether you ae single or coupled I hope you all have a fabulous day whatever your plans are.

So for those of you who follow my random tweets, you will know that I have labelled the month of February #Lovefebruary (no prizes for been a creative genius).  So in the spirit of #lovefebruay I thought I would capture from my London Girl’s what is the most romantic thing someone has done for them.

Seems there ae lots of Mr Romantics out there who are romantic all year round.


Well I went to look for my wedding dress; it was the first day I had taken the plunge to go shopping for what is probably one of the most important outfits a girl can buy. My fiancé knew how nervous I was about this, so before I went he made me a Wedding Dress Shopping Survival Kit, which included one red rose, one box of tissues, 2 packets of sweets and a beautiful card, which read “Can’t wait to Marry You” Made my day even more special.

Well I have to say my other half’s no Romeo… does allowing you the remote control count?! But without sombering the mood – him walking out of work to be with me when my Mum died, as they were not allowing him the time off and him in turn receiving a disciplinary is something I will never forget.

… I guess I could list some really clichéd shit here. Don’t get me wrong, I can fantasize about grand gestures my prince charming could do for me as much as the next girl, but I actually think the everyday, ordinary gestures can sometimes feel the most romantic. Having someone listen to you, treat you well by respecting you and loving you for who you are, both the good and bad. That in its purest form has been some of the most romantic instances thus far for me.


Well on my 2nd date with my now Fiancé, he took me away on a private plane ( I actually kid you not!) to a race meeting in France. – I left my jacket In one of the marquees (when I say “my” I mean my sisters Ralph Lauren horse coat which I slyly borrowed) he went to retrieve it and was gone for ages. Later on in the relationship he admitted to roping to waiters in to help him find it otherwise he’d kick off! Bless!

After recently buying our first home my boyfriend flew us off to Budapest to say thank you for me organising everything as he was working a lot throughout the stressful 4 months it took. We stayed at the Sofitel Hotel opposite the Chain Bridge. It is somewhere I would never have thought of visiting but it was amazing and the hotel Spa was just as fantastic!


My ex boyfriend was really hung over, so decided to take me shopping in Chelsea. He bought me a couple of things in Karen Millen to make up for his hangover.

My relationships have always been very passionate with many romantic gestures being made by all involved.  whilst I would say that I have more stories than most about secret liaisons, being swept off my feet and boyfriends turning up in the middle of the night simply to declare undying love for me, I have to say the nicest thing someone has done for me is simply to really care about me, putting me first in everything they do.  It doesn’t cost anything but is a hard thing to find in someone.

A surprise visit on our anniversary when we were studying miles apart followed by delivery of a huge bouquet of flowers. My boyfriend bought me a surprise bracelet for Christmas (we were doing small presents) and then replaced it on Valentines day as I lost the original!


Being taken for dinner eating a japanese taster menu on christmas eve with the fountains and music playing at burj khalifa in dubai and being proposed to! Japense was our first date and he talked about life before us, the future and the dreams the entire night and then popped the question!!!!

Being whisked away to Brazil for Christmas and New Year. Watching the fireworks on Copacabana was unforgettable! (and slightly terrifying all at the same time- it’s a little disconcerting to be in a sea of 2 million people all on one beach)

Firstly I’d like to say it’s the little things that really mean a lot to me!! Of course they could write a song and look lovingly into my eyes as they sing it to me on a beach in the Caribbean!! Notably, an ex boyfriend saw the whole idea of sending cards and writing cards as pointless. He never really did it and didn’t expect them in return; whereas I’m completely opposite and like receiving and writing cards for my loved ones. So it surprised me then that for my Birthday and Christmas he sent me a card, and wrote very sweet and personal messages about how he felt about me inside them. This made me feel very treasured!

happy ever after

Live, love and learn always.