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Happy hump day everyone!! Whoop Whoop.  So Wednesday has finally shown us her face.   So some parts of the week so far have been blah mainly yesterday and some have been fab.  That is life I guess.

So that is enough of my usual digression. It is all about today’s London Girl. Yeah!! So this week’s London Girl is a fitness bunny!! I respect her for the sheer fact that she wakes up at silly o’clock to go rowing on a Saturday morning.  I would descibe as Lara Croft with blonde hair, really friendly and great fun.

What would you do if you were Queen for the day?

I would implement a ‘duvet day’ policy for those in employment, whereby everyone is allowed to have at least one day off work a month to just sloth-out in bed without having to make up any excuses for the boss.


How would you describe your style?

These days my style is more ‘athletic-chic’ – I rock out in Lycra more often than ‘normal’ clothes.

Are you a designer or high street girl?

Budget restraints mean I’m more probably more high street, but I hate being on the train in the morning and seeing the girl I’m standing next to wearing the same top as me so I like to buy stuff overseas if I can!

Have you had any fashion splurges or bargain finds?

I once bought a dress to wear for a wedding in Madrid that was around 400 euros- it was like Monopoly money though so it didn’t feel like I was spending that much at the time. I’ve only worn it once too! I have a keen eye for a good deal and love to shop around. If you have the time it’s always worth it.


What is your favourite clothes shop?

If I had to say one it would be Zara.

What is the romantic thing someone has done for you?

Being whisked away to Brazil for Christmas and New Year. Watching the fireworks on Copacabana was unforgettable! (and slightly terrifying all at the same time- it’s a little disconcerting to be in a sea of 2 million people all on one beach)


What’s your favourite part of London?

In my opinion there is no better place to be in London than in a rowing boat on the River Thames tideway on a beautiful sunny morning!

Where or what would you recommend for a first date?

Keeping it simple, dinner in a nice restaurant without too much music so you can talk and get to know each other. Oh and candlelight!

Where do you go to let loose with your girls?

My Lycra-lifestyle doesn’t allow much going out these days but when I go back to my hometown we always go to Sahara bar, a great little cocktail bar which I’ve just discovered is closing. Booooo…..

Where have you recently gone on holiday to escape the big smoke of London? Brrrrrrazzziiillllllll! As I mentioned before. But we like to escape the drab grey skies of London as often as possible, in fact, I’m writing this from the Eurostar on the way to Paris – sorry to be a show off!


What’s your life philosophy?

I’ve stolen this of the BF but its pretty true… ‘Love many, trust few, always paddle your own canoe’ in other words be in control of you’re own destiny.

Live, love and learn.