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BLAH So i started last week feeling so blah blah blah. The weather has been so cold, the grey skies were making me sad and then to boot I had a terrible terrible cold. Good news I feel tons better. Everyone has bad days when only a duvet and litres of ginger tea and rich tea biscuits will do. When I personally have bad days I really try to ride it out as I know that fingers and toes crossed it cannot last forever.

THREE ANCHORS I am still officially obsessed with Donna Ida and her words in last weeks stylist. The three anchors are your life, your job and your relationships. Only two anchors can be up at anyone time. Such sound advice.

CATCH UP So the BF and I had some mid week drinks  with his friends at the Anthologist. Despite still feeling incredibly sorry for myself I did manage to have a glass of red wine.

TWO HEARTS UNITED So I went to a wedding on Saturday. I love weddings, they are such a joyous occasion and it is so lovely to celebrate the love between two people.

MORNING TEARS I love reading the Sunday times and normally start with the Style section. I read this article by Ben Brookes-Dutton and it made me cry. Ben lost his wife in a car accident and was left with their young baby son to look after.  His words were extremely touching and really hit home for me.  The article was a little reminder to love and cherish those who we have here with us for life can be short.

Hope you all had a good weekend.