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Ola beautiful people.  I cannot believe that #detoxJanuary is nearly over! How is everyone doing on their detox? If you have fallen off the wagon, fear not January is only one month of twelve.

So last week was a rather interesting week for me, as it was rather slow.

1. #DETOXJANUARY-I took this shot mainly because I am not on detox January as I believe everything in moderation works very well. My slithering of a cake slice hit the spot and meant that I knew I had to workout harder and eat well for the rest of the day.

2. FATE AND THE ZARA SCARF–   I think this scarf and I were so meant to be. I originally spotted it in the Knightsbridge Zara but unfortunately it was ripped so they would not sell it to me. I was devastated beyond belief. So you can only begin to imagine the joy when i found it in Zara in Oxford Street without a rip! Tres happy!

3. TOO COLD TO JOG– Okay I salute all the runners that I see jogging out in the cold! I am not made of strong stuff and the recent bout of snow stopped my new workout regime.  So as I am not one to be defeated I went and had a look around a gym, decided to sign up and will now have no excuse to get my workouts in!

4. STREET FOOD?  So the BF and I popped down to Spitalfields market at the weekend.  It was really good fun and I would recommend it to anyone looking for something to do over the weekend.  I am not a street food lover as it is not really my thing, however I got stuck in over the weekend and didn’t really mind it. Next time I am in Asia I will ditch the plush restaurants (not all of them) and get down with the locals.

5. POTTERING– So I had fun pottering in the city this weekend and took this crazy photo in town. Pottering around London reminds me how much I love it so much.  Never a dull day in town.

Hope you all had a fab week. If you didn’t today is another day/ week for you to enjoy.

ps Last week I put a tweet as  favourite by https://twitter.com/sarah_ivens which was ‘Today is happening. Get out of my way, or get onboard.’  I really really liked this tweet as it is a fact that the day is going to happen regardless of your mood and whether others are okay with it.