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Happy hump day world! Whoo, bring on the down hill climb I say.

I have actually been looking forward to publish this London Girl’s interview since Monday.  Some of us are social butterflies and others are social butterflies with great planning skills, today’s London Girl is a social planner butterfly extraordinaire.  She is someone who I admire and respect greatly, she is pretty, intelligent and straightdown the line.  Most of all every girl needs a friend in her Cadbury box of chocolates who is simply just down to earth.

I hope you enjoy this week’s interview.

What would you do if you were Queen for the day?

I would give Harry a right dressing down- naughty boy.  Telling him to be more respectful for the privilege he has.  And try on K-Mids dress collection

How would you describe your style?

Well; as the last couple of years have involved saving for a house purchase- which happened last summer – probably in need of an update!

I love a classic dress – body con is flattering even when Christmas/ or a hangover has taken its toll and also can make you look great without too much thought and effort.

Are you a designer or high street girl?

High street Id say.   I am a big ASOS fan and will trawl their website for hours.  However I try and buy a decent coat each year and a decent handbag every few.  But I don’t see the point in spending a fortune on clothes unless they are going to last you and are something special.  Love some of the mid-range stores such as Hugo Boss, LK Bennet and All Saints for finding something a little bit different.

Have you had any fashion splurges or bargain finds?

Bicester village can be brilliant for bargain finds – I have a dogtooth Burberry blazer from there that I am very fond of and have worn to death  -so per wear has been very worthwhile!

My mulberry bag was a splurge my boyfriend made  – so I returned the favour for one of his later birthdays- matching splurge!

What is your favourite clothes shop?

Definitely ASOS

What is the romantic thing someone has done for you?

Well I have to say my other half’s no Romeo… does allowing you the remote control count?! But without sombering the mood – him walking out of work to be with me when my Mum died, as they were not allowing him the time off and him in turn receiving a disciplinary is something I will never forget.

What’s your favourite part of London?

I love London, having been born here and worked in the West end for the last 7 years.  It’s a difficult one to call as I have some fantastic memories from times out in the West End with work, friends and boyf – to now residing  in South Hampstead in North London, where I love mooching around some of the local area such as Hampstead Heath, Belsize village and St John’s wood – so on reflection I would probably choose my new hood.

Where or what would you recommend for a first date?

I am very much into following new bar and restaurant openings and try and get to the ones deemed  “fashionable” for special occasions, so although it’s been a while since I’ve had a first date I think  I would want to demonstrate this element of my personality in a choice (and of course TRY and look really cool?!).   That being said  –  I don’t agree with flashy and over-priced for the sake of it and a first date should be about getting to know someone to see if you’d like to see someone again, rather than testing someone’s “buying power” – so I would probably just suggest a normal bar, where the music isn’t too loud and you can chat and enjoy the company. Finos/ Shampers that sort of thing I guess.

Where do you go to let loose with your girls?

Well – as the majority of my pals are residing in south west London – I would probably make the trek down there- fez – begrudgingly!

Where have you recently gone on holiday to escape the big smoke of London?

The last few years have been plagued (sorry I mean filled) with friends nuptials and last year involved two aboard weddings –  to Houston, Texas and Thailand. I wouldn’t necessary sing the praises of Houston – but that’s another story! Thailand was absolutely beautiful and would head back there in a heartbeat.

What’s your life philosophy?

Firm believer that life is short and you get out of life what you put in,  so never shy away from making new friends, always grab opportunities that get thrown your way; and always look after your friends and family.

Live love and learn.