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Great for a catch up with a big group as a birthday celebration, for a girly catch up, for a casual no pressure first date, for a date night with your BF.


Okay I Love love sushi, for me it is yummy goodness on a plate. I had a date with a BFF to have catch up over food and drinks so was pretty pleased when I stumbled upon Sticks n Sushi in Wimbledon.

From the moment I opened the menu I knew sticks n sushi would become diarise it. The menu is fab because it contains food porn!! Even as a sushi regular I enjoyed looking at the pics as it helped influence my choice. More restaurants should use food porn on their menus.


The food itself lived up to the food porn. The sushi was fresh and delicious. Since it was detox jan we didn’t go overboard and had ebi rolls, shake sashimi and beef sticks. My favourite was the ebi rolls, I could live on those ebi rolls forever as they were so divine. If it was not detox January I would have indulged in a few cocktails, instead I was pretty good and had two small glasses of wine.


The bonus to the fab food at Sticks ‘n’ Sushi is actually the atmosphere.  The restaurant made me feel like I had been transported to New York, but a New York that had been feng shui! It has a cool vibrant atmosphere!

As I only got to try a limited number of items on the menu I definitely have to re-diarise Sticks n Sushi for some sushi and to sample what looks like an amazing selection of cocktails.

Diarise it