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Happy Friday everyone!! So happy to have the weekend at last, I am really looking forward to unwinding with the BF.  We are off on a mini staycation so it is au revoir London for me this weekend.

It seems like forever since I went to Salzburg, but in reality it was only 3 weeks ago. I thought I would finally get around to penning the second part of my trip.  If you missed Part One, you can read it here.

Salzburg itself is very beautiful and clean.  Visiting Salzburg made me think how dirty my lover London is.  Some cities are dirty and some are just clean.

What I loved most about the city is that you could see amazing architecture everywhere you walked!!!!


I really loved this bridge with the padlocks.  I felt it added to the romance of the city.  Unfortunately I didn’t have a padlock to lock to the fence, but I shall definitely bring one when I return.padlocks

It was amazing to see from how many different angles the great fortress could be seen!!


The walk to the top tested my fitness levels as some of the hills were rather steep, but once I managed to huff all the way up I was rewarded with spectacular views.

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When walking around I found I stumbled upon random gems. They say a gift which is not expected is received with more joy. Well I got plenty of joy from this trip, as they were plenty of unexpected gems.





For a city that was never on my bucket list to start with it has moved to been a city that is on my revisit bucket list! Salzburg stole my heart!

What was the last city that stole your heart?? Hope everyone has a fab weekend!  If you are stuck on places to go and things to do in London make sure you check out Diarise It for ideas.

Live love and learn. xoxo

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