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Happy hump day folks! How quickly is January flying by! Is everyone still keeping up with their new year’s resolutions?? I know most people are on detoxjanuary, hope it is going well.

So today’s London Girl is one of my BFF’s sister. If I had to describe her I would say is without a doubt a little fashionista, pretty and a really kind person. Hope you enjoy this week’s hump day interview.

What would you do if you were Queen for the day?

I would wear my crown around the palace. Then go over to Kate and Wills for a cup of tea!

Are you a designer or high street girl?

I’m a happy mix of both! Get the basics from Zara (love love love) Topshop, H&M. Then spice up the outfit with a good bag and cheeky pair of shoes. Unless you are a millionaire, I don’t see the point of dressing head to toe in designer as then the treat of getting something expensive become less and less fun and special!

Have you had any fashion splurges or bargain finds?

Splurges, where do I start?! I have the power to convince myself I deserve a splurge here and there! When I passed my MA in fashion I decided I DESERVED a pair of Christian Louboutins. I marched myself to Selfridges to see which ones I wanted- then got a black cab to the Louboutin store on Mount Street (as a true Louboutin wearer would!) and then enjoyed every moment of being served knowing I was there to actually BUY for once! It felt so good!

What is your favourite clothes shop?

Hands down- Zara! Their buyers and designers need some sort of awards to services to fashion. Bravo.

What is the romantic thing someone has done for you?

Well on my 2nd date with my now Fiancé, he took me away on a private plane ( I actually kid you not!) to a race meeting in France. – I left my jacket In one of the marquees (when I say “my” I mean my sisters Ralph Lauren horse coat which I slyly borrowed) he went to retrieve it and was gone for ages. Later on in the relationship he admitted to roping to waiters in to help him find it otherwise he’d kick off! Bless!

What’s your favourite part of London?

I’ve got a serious soft spot for Shad Thames. It’s so London yet I feel it’s a bit of a secret to non Londoners! So much history and culture. Plus is so close to the yummy Borough Market.

Where or what would you recommend for a first date?

I once went on a date to Greenwhich. We got the clipper down the river- which was great fun in itself. Then walked up to the park and had a picnic. It was a gorgeous day. I went to the closest bar and asked for a glass of ice- chilled our wine. We stayed there until the sun started to set.

Where do you go to let loose with your girls?

I must say back in the day, one place and one place only could a girl really let her hair down…..INFERNOS!!! Enough said.

Where have you recently gone on holiday to escape the big smoke of London?

Last holiday I went on was to Abu Dhabi and Dubai. Love it there; it has the luxe feel of London but with great weather! Partying out side at night, weather warm, cocktails cold and the people- classy.

What’s your life philosophy?

“Run free until you find someone just as wild to run with” Carrie Bradshaw

Hope you all enjoyed this week’s interview. Let’s hope the countdown to the end of the week is a pleasant one.