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Ola beautiful people!! It’s flash back week again! Here are pictures from my recent London potterings.fbw

1.  I absolutely love the views you can get from the various London bridges. This is one I saw on a random afternoon walk.

2.  Managed to Diarise It (Les Miserables) on Saturday! It was amazing and I wept away.  If you haven’t seen the film already make sure you bring a tissue. Viva la France!

3. I finally managed to purchase myself a 2013 diary from paperchase. It is going to be dangerous, so many blank dates need to start to Diarise It! I feel in love with the red colour.

4. On Friday night I caught up with one of my BFFs and we stumbled upon an amazing sushi restaurant in Wimbledon called Sticks n Sushi (soon to be reviewed on Diarise it). As I am a sushi lover I am sure it won’t be long until I am back again.

5.  I had an amazing afternoon pottering around Portobello market. Who doesn’t love Notting Hill.

Hope you are all having a fab week.

Live, love and learn.