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So when the BF first suggested we go to Salzburg for a mini Christmas getaway I
had no expectation or thoughts on the city as it is not somewhere I have
heard travels suggest or rave about. If I am been honest I was far
more excited to be staying at our hotel Schloss Fuschl in Hof Bei Salzburg than
seeing the city.

lake side room


Salzburg amazed me; it is such a beautiful European city! It is a gem I would
have missed were it not for the BF. I never would have put it on my travel
bucket list but now it’s on my travel revisit bucket list.

For two days Mr BF and I stayed at Schloss Fuschl. Having been extremely lucky
enough to have stayed in a few five star hotels this was by far the best hotel
I have ever stayed in my life. The setting was magical!!


I am a lover of luxury, but luxury that’s discreet and not fussy. Schloss Fuschl was great as it was luxury without the fuss. I am not saying the staff were not attentive, they were but not the kind of attentive you get in some five star hotels were you spend half your day telling staff you are fine, everything is great and yes you are having a good day.

One of the best features of Schloss Fuschl is the spa! Who doesn’t love a litte R&R. In the evening I spent a very long time pool side, having a sauna, primping and


Apart from the hotel itself the lake at schloss was fabulous. I did manage to leave the hotel so mother nature and I could do some more bonding.

lake1 lake2

The walk around the lake is something to be done if you are staying at Schloss.
Granted it’s easy to see how guests may never leave the hotel but the reward
for doing so is great.



Has anyone been to Salzburg and thought it was fab?

Part two of my trip to Salzburg will be coming soon. Ps If you are on twitter don’t forget to follow me @limoncellogirl

Have a fabulous day all. Live love and learn.