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Ola beautiful people.  They say a photo tells a thousand words, so I thought every week I could start to do flash back week’s of things I am thinking about, past experiences, likes, loathes, etc


1. I love the print of this wall in Marrakech and think it will make a beautiful print dress. It actually really makes me want to buy a DVF print dress.

2. Messing around with the Photo Booth on Ipad

3. Prada Candy- My new fragrance this year.

4.  It is detox January for me at the moment, so packing in as much yummy sushi as possible

5. Who doesn’t love flowers, I think they brighten up a room and bring nature indoors.


6. This picture reminds me what a fab time I had in Barcelona and makes me look forward to my trip to Valencia.

7.  Recent jaunt for a BFF’s birthday at the Grand Union

8. I love the Southbank in London and spent a lot of time there last summer. This picture reminds me of all the frolics I got up to.

9. I haven’t booked a big trip this year, but hoping to end up on a gorgeous beach somewhere. Looking back at my holiday pictures makes me want to book it sooner rather than late.

10.  Londoners know how to have fun! I so want to try this out with the girls.

Live, love and learn.

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