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Happy Hump Day all!! Another Wednesday another dollar.  I would describe this week’s London Girl as very easy going, a cool, relaxed and well put together lady.  I have only met her twice before the London girl interview so it was quite interesting to hear her responses to the questions.  Hope you enjoy the interview.

How has your journey to hump day gone this week?

It has been a good week so far as I have done lots of exercise.  I went to my first Zumba class on Monday and I went to a spin class last night and later on tonight after this interview I will go for a run.

What’s your favourite part of London?

Clapham, but I also like Greenwich and Richmond.  I really love anywhere with a park.

What was the last play/exhibition you saw in London?

Astronomy Photographer of the Year.  I read about it in Time Out, thought it looked cool so went along.

What restaurant would you recommend for a dirty Friday date night?

I prefer to go out for drinks on a Friday night.  But if I go for food I like to go to Brick Lane for a curry.

Where do you go to let loose with your girls?

I like to go out in Clapham and my favourite place is Lost Society.

What would you recommend a tourist do in their last 24 hours in London?

They should go to Parliment, Buckingham Palace and should have afternoon tea.  They should enjoy all the traditional English things.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

I have a few All Saint dresses that I love, but my favourite dress is an ASOS off the shoulder red dress.

Have you had any recent fashion splurge or bargain find?

They had a sample sale at my work (ASOS) and I got a Mischa Barton handbag for free.

Where have you recently gone on holiday to escape the big smoke of London?

I went to Morocco at the beginning of October.

What’s your life philosophy?

Steady Eddie

Hope you have a fab day all, not long until the weekend.  For previous London Girl interviews click here.