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So this is the final part of my holiday review of Morocco (see here for the other reviews).  The holiday seems so long ago (sobs)!  So this was my first time visiting the crazy city of Marrakech.  The city itself I would say is divided into two parts, the old city in the Medina and the new part which is more modern with shops like Zara.

Marrakech is a go-go city.  Motorbikes, cars, donkeys and pedestrians all with somewhere to go.  For me Marrakech made the Champs Elysee in Paris, seem like a peaceful haven.  The good news is there are plenty of beautiful rooftop bars and restaurants that you can go to escape the chaos.

when it gets too much, definitely chill out with a cup of mint tea

Here are my personal favourites in Marrakech


Boutique Babouche Magic- Coudat Kenaria No 82

So I absolutely love leather ballerina pumps.  When I am not in heels they are my favourite things to be running around London in.  So when I stumbled on this shop where they made hand-made leather pumps in the most delightful finishes I was tres excited.  I found a gorgeous pair of snake brown leather pumps but unfortunately they didn’t have my size.  Luckily for me they did have enough leather to hand sew me a pair in time before I jetted back home.  Whooo.  Along with the snake brown pair I also purchased a black suede with ruby-red leather finish.  I am sure it won’t be long until the shoes get a show on this blog.


Pepe Nero

Yes that is not a miss print.  I am recommending an Italian restaurant in Morocco.  This restaurant was absolutely fabulous, romantic, good food, great service and amazing atmosphere.  definitely amazeballs.  When all the tagine and cous cous gets a bit too much then this a great alternative.  Read the reviews on trip advisor.

Pepe Nero

Cafe Arabe

For when you want to escape the chaos and after a hard days shopping definitely head to this roof top bar.  They have a good selection of yummy wine from Morocco and a good selection if cocktails.

Practical tips


We didn’t really pay more than 30 MAD to get from one end of the city to another end.


Okay I seemed to be a natural when it came to haggling.  The BF said I made grown men come close to tears.  My method was to go ridiculously low, e.g if someone said 300 MAD I offered 10 MAD to break the ice. I know crazy right.  I got this particular item for 120 MAD. Not bad I say.  Have fun with the haggling and enjoy it.

Enjoy the rest of your week folks.