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Happy Monday all!! Yeah I am back and blogging!! I had a fabulous holiday in Morocco so I thought as well as the usual weekly blog,  I would do a three-part edition of my holiday starting with my trip to the Atlas Mountains.

a beautiful sunset we saw on the way back down from our trek

So when the BF first suggested we go trekking in the Atlas Mountains it was not well received.  I like my exercise but trekking and the word holiday was like suggesting we mix water and oil together, not a great combination.  But knowing life was about compromise I reluctantly agreed and I am super pleased I did.  The Atlas Mountains were amazeballs.  Having a pretty stressful life in London it provided a calm oasis to completely unwind and rejuvenate.

The Kasbah du Toubkal

Kasbah du Toubkal

We stayed at the Kasbah du Toubkal in the village of Imlil and I loved everything about it.  There are no plasma TVs or 21st century gadgets that you would get in the Hyatt or the Sheraton or any five-star luxury hotel of your choice but it provides peace and relaxation like no five-star hotel could ever do.  The lodge is in the village of Imlil which is in the middle of the mountains.  From our rooms we could see the beautiful mountains and hear the gushing of running water all around.

view from our room

When in the mountains it seemed a shame not to go for a trek.  You do not have to do a major trek but if you do you will be rewarded by the most spectacular views.  We managed to do two treks, one short one at 2 hours and another at 5 ½ hours.  Go me  us !

no heels, no make-up- au natural

For anyone doing a trip to Marrakech I would definitely recommend a trip to the Atlas Mountains.  It is a must do!

Practical tips for the Atlas Mountains

1.  To get to the Mountains the easiest thing to do is negotiate with a grand taxi in Marrakech to take you to Imlil.  We paid 300 MAD going and 250 MAD coming back down the mountains.  If you don’t fancy doing this, then the Kasbah du Toubkal does organise private transfers.

2.  If you are going in winter take some warm clothes, as it does get cold up there.

3.  The Kasbah du Toubkal serves no alcohol so if you fancy a lovely bottle of wine in the mountains make sure you pick one up at the airport.

4.  Enjoy a Hammam at the Kasbah.

5.  If you can live without emails, facebook, twitter and work turn off your mobile phone and just enjoy existing.

Please share your fabulous holiday experiences.  Where have you been to that’s been unexpectedly fabulous?