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I have been thinking about the differences between men and women.  You always hear people say men are from Mars and Women are from Venus and sometimes when I hear this I think really how different can we be.  So again in the name of research I have done a not so scientific experiment using myself and the BF on everyday life comparisons.  Here are my findings.


HIM- He never gets lost.  If he does get lost it would be a sign of weakness.  When have you known a cave man to get lost. Ps When we do get lost it is sold to me as discovering a new area.

ME- I plan my journey with a map and when I do get lost I ask for directions.


HIM- When he is ready, he means he is good to go and is out of the door NOW.

ME- When I am ready I still have my make-up, hair and possibly an outfit change to do before I am ready to leave.


HIM- He uses a mirror to ensure he looks okay before he leaves the house.

ME- I use mirrors, the oven, anything with a shiny reflective surface to check that I look okay.


HIM- If he says he is hungry he cooks a feast and eats it.

ME- I declare I am not hungry, see the amazing feast he has cooked and ask for a bite or two (reluctantly he shares).


HIM- He shops for what he needs.  It is quick and effective, no faffing around.

ME- I just want to go shopping not because I need something but just because I want to go shopping.  My general approach is best described as scatter gun.


HIM- His movies must involve death, guns, war and action.  Preferably all of the above for it to be considered a good movie.

ME- If it is not a chick flick I am not getting involved.  Exception to this would be a James Bond movie.  Have you not seen Daniel Craig recently!


HIM- He remembers dates when I remind him.

ME- I have an inbuilt calendar gene, that is my calendar, his calendar and our couple calendar.  I remember birthdays, anniversaries and invites to mine and his friends parties.


HIM- Just like he is quick and effective with shopping he is quick and effective with communicating.  Why waste time talking when that could be spent watching football/rugby.

ME- I can talk for hours.  Even after I have had a 1 hour Skype call with my BFF I can still email her the next day with new news.


ME- I have emotional moments where I cry at the drop of a hat.

HIM- He deals with my emotions.  His usual steps are a look of bewilderment, a hug and tissues and a solution to my emotional dilema.

My list could go on, but I would be here all day with my comparisons.  It made me realise that men and women do handle everyday situations so differently.  Let me know your thoughts.  Do you think Men are from Mars and Women from Venus?


Ps It’s Friday tomorrow- happiness and joy all round.