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I ask this in all seriousness!! Whilst having a conversation with an acquaintance
early this week she had a huge problem on her hands. The guy she was dating 13
weeks plus was toooooooo nice. He called, he txt, he complimented her, he was
kind, sweet, well-mannered, fun but the poor girl was worried he was too nice
and had some hidden agenda. Now as I have heard this said several times by
quite a few bffs (best friends for ever), friends, friends of friends and acquaintances I thought I will cover it. Side point if I had a pound for every time a girl has said to me
‘but he is just too nice’ I would be a billionaire by now sitting on a yacht in
St. Tropez writing this blog.

I have been there myself so I am not judging. My Bf was so nice I convinced
myself it was because he had a wooden leg! Yes that’s right-I figured he must
be so lovely because naturally he had a wooden leg and had to compensate for it by being uber nice.

If a punk comes along us women are happy, but if a nice guy comes along alarm
bells!!! He must have a problem! There must be a catch! Mr nice cannot be nice
without there been a catch.

So it makes me think that woman must be wired to like punks!!! The examples below are real life examples from my bffs, friends, friends of friends and acquaintances.  The evidence is damning. Hence I am wondering if we are wired to like punks.  When a guy shows punk like qualities the alarm bells take forever to ring and for some unfortunate girls the alarm bell never rings.  But when Mr Nice who he is lovely and sweet comes along, our alarm bell is so loud the whole world knows there is a PROBLEM.

We are wired to like

1. The guys who keep us on our toes by going AWOL for a couple of days

2. The guys who love themselves so much the oxygen supply is low in any room they grace their presence

3. The guys who give us rubbish presents for our birthdays e.g. one oven glove.
4. The guys who are rude to our families

5. The guys who call us another girls name

6. The guys who are control freaks

7.  The guys who really can’t be bothered with life or you for that matter

8.  The guys who think it’s okay to post a photo on Facebook surrounded by millions of girls who look far to cosy sat next to him

9. The guys who have a dinner party and forget to invite you

10. The guys who get you the Asda 99p valentine day card claiming they have no money but buy themselves a car two weeks later

But there is hope, you can get rewired to appreciate Mr. nice guy. The punks allow us to learn that this isn’t what we need in our lives, we then live and hopefully learn that the nice guys don’t have a hidden agenda.  So when a Mr. Nice does come along there won’t be alarm bells.

Live love and learn always.