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Happy hump day world.  Firstly there is obviously no ‘the London Girl’ this week, eeeek!  In a moment of madness I decided that I would give a crack at interviewing the men from mars.  I absolutely love doing my weekly hump day ‘The London Girl’ interview so I composed some questions to pose to the men from mars.  The frequency of the interviews are very much dependent on whether I find a willing man from mars to interview.  Luckily I have found my first.

Who should pay on the first date?

The guy, they generally initiate the date and suggest the place so its appropriate that he pays.

Sex on the first date?

Not generally no. It’s not a good idea as it is more likely to end up in a one night stand if a girl puts out on the first date.

What’s the worst date you have ever been on?

When a girl set herself on fire in a bar.  She lent forward and caught her scarf on a candle.  It was a shocker.

Most romantic thing you have ever done for a girl?

I drove through the wine region Cianti in Italy, pretended I was lost and asked directions at a building.  When we went in to ask for directions she found out it was actually a private cooking lesson.

Female stalkers cool or creepy?


Beauty or brains?


Romantic night cuddling or formula one?

Cuddling with the rugby on.

Does your mum still wash and iron your clothes when you go home?


What’s your life philosophy?

Try your best.

Hope you enjoyed the first ever ‘Insight into a guy’s mind interview’.  The London Girl will be back next week.  Have a fabulous hump day, the weekend is insight. Whooooo!