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Singledom is amazing and in my view it is a girl’s time to enjoy unadulterated me time. But what happens when a single girl wants to move from the single girl’s shelf to the couple’s shelf. Where and how does she find her romeo. It is a dilemma many single girls face so I decided to do a little research to see what the experts say and give my evaluation on my findings.

Tip one- Get out and be more social

Now this is a popular tip. I am sure it is a tip we have all given or at least heard someone suggest to a friend. Now that I am writing this I think it has to be on my list of the most stupidest tips/advice anyone could ever give. It is on a par with a warning on a cup of tea saying ‘this cup is hot’. Well DUH! Unless single girl has an IQ of sub-zero I think she already knows she needs to leave the house to meet a guy. (The exception to this is online dating.) Even if she doesn’t have an IQ sub-zero why on earth is she stuck in doors not having a social life.

Tip two- Bars/Clubs could be somewhere to meet a guy

Alert alert alert!! Okay this gets a red warning sign. The majority of experts out there say single girl could meet her single romeo at a bar or a club. However they all say tread with caution, caveat emptor, ‘let the beware beware’. I think the key reason behind this is effectively the club is a drunk farmers’ market which only a savvy cow could navigate. That’s right ‘THE CLUB IS A DRUNK FARMERS’ MARKET WHICH ONLY A SAVVY COW COULD NAVIGATE’. All the experts don’t really want to write that in print but here is my analogy.


a happy cow on the way to farmers’ market

The farmers come to the market to buy a cow. When the market first opens the farmers peruse the cows, prodding and poking the cow to see if they are fit for purchase. The cows moo away as they have come to the market looking their best. The farmers and cows both get rowdy as the night goes on and the bidding progresses. This is a special farmers market, as the cows and farmers can both get boozed on jager bombs, wine, vodka, cocktails and many more delights. As the night is coming to an end some farmers realise they have made no purchase, quickly grab whatever cow there is and the poor cow realising she hasn’t been picked agrees to the drunk farmers offer. Unfortunately as the decision was made in haste the poor cow could be unlucky and end up slaughtered as the farmer only wanted a bit of milk and wasn’t intent on making a long-term investment. If the cow is slightly lucky she could end up in a pen (which is worse than a patchy bit of green grass) or if she is really really really lucky she could end up on a lovely piece of green grass with a lovely farmer.

Nearly every town has a cattle market but this does not mean a single girl cannot find a romeo in a club/ bar, it just means she needs to be cautious. I know many lucky cows, myself included, who have found lovely farmers at the farmers market.

Tip three- take up a guy activity.

HUH really! Let’s use golf as an example. If you have ever been to a golf club, you will know it’s a stupid idea for single girl to head to one to meet her romeo. If she already plays golf that’s great but I don’t know a single one of my girlies who plays, likes or even watches golf!! So firstly there is the purchase of the golf clubs. Golf clubs are expensive and you cannot just turn up to play with one club. Once you get over getting your hands on some clubs, there is the huge logistical problem that a golf involves a huge green with lots of holes, where you don’t really meet people along the way to have a ‘getting to know you suggestive’ chat. So the only good place for single girl to hangout is the bar at the golf club. Unlike the bar in tip two, a bar in a golf club is really not the place to start mooing like a cow. It’s more lady like decorum than drunken arms swaying, singing at the top of thy lungs to ‘I’m sexy and I know it’.

Tip four-Get friends and family to introduce you to eligible single romeo

Okay I love this tip!! But I think it should be used pronto!! If single girl wants a decent introduction she needs to get in there quickly. There is a strategy to tip four. That strategy is the same one I use for the Selfridges sale!! In the Selfridges sale you can get absolutely fabtastic amazing bargains but to do so you must move quickly (literally). This isn’t a hare and tortoise story where the tortoise wins. With tip four the hare wins every time!! If you get to the sales when they are about to finish you get left with the stuff no one wants to touch, let alone purchase. The same applies with this tip, if you ask for recommendations when all the eligibles have been recommended to other single girls, you will be left with a bad introduction. If there are any single girls who have randomly stumbled upon this blog and would like to move of the single’s shelf I would try this first.

Tip five- Online dating

It seems simple enough, you put a gorgeous picture of yourself online, write a few flattering comments about yourself and start online shopping for mr romeo himself. What’s more just like online shopping you can filter it down to your exact requirements. Amazing! If I didn’t have a lovely BF I would try it, simply for the filtering process.(yes I have only just discovered online shopping). So with no online dating experience I had to ask a few people about their own experiences. All I can say is there is gem to be found in that haystack, it just may take meeting guys who got over zealous with Photoshop, really dull guys, guys who are only after one thing and guys who have had 45 online dates so far; the list was endless. Good news I did speak to people who knew friends  of friends who stumbled on a gem of a romeo.

They spoke of friends of friends who had amazing success online dating, some even ending up in a marriage. So as long as you are a friend of a friend there is hope on this tip within the haystack.

All in all I think single girl should try the above tips but a better tip is to live the limoncello way of life. My limoncello motto is you must live first, then love naturally follows. Just have fun, enjoy life and this special thing called fate will throw you and mr amaze balls romeo together. Unfortunately for me it’s that simple, it may take months or years but it will happen.

Live, love and learn always.