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Girl goes on date, date goes really well, 1+ days have passed since date has contacted girl. Including yourself, everyone knows a girl who this has happened to.

So if you haven’t heard from a guy who you are dating and you are wondering whether he is going to call or text use these suggestions to pass away some precious life time.

1. Eat some cake

2. Have a glass of champagne

3. Do some exercise (add 20 mins more if you have done tip 1 and 2)

4. Have a good old whine to a friend who will make sympathetic noises and reassuring comments like “oh maybe he is busy” ***(refer to footnote).

5. Put some music on at home and shake it!!

6. Have a glass of wine and another moan to a friend (not the same one if the footnote in tip 4 meant you ran away from her the last time you talked).

7. Start to plan a crazy night out with your girls.

8. Go shopping- may be useful to pick up a new outfit for crazy night out with the girls.

9. Cry- emotions are a good thing.

10. Call him.

Okay if you have exhausted all of the above it’s time to wear your new outfit and head out to have some fun, this little fish isn’t interested but not to worry there are plenty more in the sea.

Live love and learn always.


*** reassuring comments from friend have to be rational and realistic if they are to be useful to you. If friend tells you not to worry because “maybe he is doing a space tour and they don’t have any signal in space and that’s why he hasn’t text/called” do not listen to her and do contemplate running! She is officially your crazy friend. Good for many things but not rational advice.