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The weekend is here @ last………. and my dirty Friday is starting of with a work social. Alcohol and work = dangerous combinations, trust me there are many law cases to prove it.

Sopranos- High Street Kensignton

If you are out and about in London town this weekend why not try Sopranos. I went there for the first time last weekend and actually really loved it. It is a live music lounge, with a huge piano, in a basement. I arrived around 11 ish and the place was absolutely heaving with sweaty happy people. The artists were great and they could actually sing. If I was anymore tipsy it could have got desperately embarrasing as all that live singing made me think I could be the next Adele and all I wanted to do is jump on the mic myself.

Much Ado About Nothing- Noel Coward Theatre

So I love the theatre, Shakespeare and a bit of Bollywood. ( If this were a food combo I would officially say I were pregnant.  Thank God it’s not.) I am heading out this weekend to check out Much Ado About Nothing meets Bollywood at the Noel Coward Theatre and literally cannot wait. Fingers and toes crossed it is amazeballs.

Have a fab weekend whatever you are doing and wherever you are.