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So hump day is here at last. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, it means Wednesday. You have to visualise the week as a HUGE HILL when you get  to Wednesday, you are standing on top of the hill having done the uphill struggle that is the Monday blues and the Tuesday time to get some work done, then it’s a downward walk or run (if your week has been really bad) towards drinks on a Thursday and maybe even a Friday. Check out the definition of hump day on the Urban Dictionary.

So my journey to hump day has been pretty drama free. As an early celebration of having the weekend in sight I intend to have a glass of wine this evening and catch up with a friend.  This bestie happens to be the one who suggested I started a blog because I have a lot to say about EVERYTHING. She is mad about fashion, crazy about boys and knows how to bust a pretty good groove.  As a celebration to hump day I have decided it would be fun to do a weekly hump day interview with someone crazy I know, the crazies they know and any other fun loving crazies I meet along the way.

Here is this weeks hump day chat…………with a crazy

How has your journey to hump day gone this week?

My week has been busy and stressful.

Whats’s your favourite part of London?

Kingston as it is slightly in the country and I have a great balance.  I have Richmond park and the river.

What was the last play/exhibition you saw in London?

Kazan Restaurant

National Portrait- the Lucien Freud exhibition.

What restaurant would you recommend for a dirty Friday date night?

Kazan in Victoria.  It has a great atmosphere, brilliant food and excellent service.

Where do you go to to let loose with your girls?

If we didn’t have a budget Mustique.

What would you recommend a tourist do in their last 24 hours in London?

Get some junk food and go to Trafalgar Square and sit down on the steps and chill out.  I have tried it out with my boyfriend.

What is your favourite item in your wardrobe?

I love everything in my wardrobe including the wardrobe itself.

Have you had any recent fashion splurge or bargain find?

I bought a bargain priced jumper from ASOS.

Where have you recently gone on holiday to escape the big smoke of London?

My bedroom.  I haven’t gone anywhere this year.

What’s your life philosophy?

Take everyday as it comes.  Cool runnings style.