So on Monday I Facebook posted ‘Is it too early to say bring on the weekend?’ I had an awful Monday blues day and I am so excited to say it is dirty Friday at last!!! Its only dirty Friday as its usually involves me eating something not so good for my waistline.  Today has been a bacon bagel followed by a slice of sweet potato quiche 😉

I have a really busy weekend ahead.  Friday night belated birthday celebrations, likely to be followed by a dreadful hangover on Saturday morning.  I have to shake that hangover of pretty quickly as spending Saturday lunching with the boyfriends (BF) friends, to then spend the evening celerbating my most amazing BFF’s birthday at the Hurlingham Pub (Wandsworth).  Sunday is definately going to be a day of pottering and a writing a review on the Hurlingham Pub ;-).
Have a faboulous weekend all, make the most of the two days.  Live love and learn. xoxo