So waity Katy (the Duchess of Cambridge to me and you) managed to wait for approximately 8 years before Wills popped the question but is that a reasonable period of time to stick around before your beloved realises you are worth a proposal.

So this topic reared its head whilst having a glass of wine at the Prince of Wales (Putney) when a friend said to her boyfriend ‘well I expect a proposal within a year from now’.  Now that is laying your cards on the table.  I love it!! They have currently been dating for 1.5 years and in my opinion I that is a perfectly fair comment.  From my outsiders view they have a caring loving relationship and no relationship demons so why should she wait forever and a day for that diamond ring.

I never understand why someone is prepared to wait for 6+ years for a proposal.  There are exceptions to this for example of you started dating at 12 and you are now 18, that would be too young to make such a promise as marriage.

However on the whole my rule is 6 years is three to many.  By year 3 I will start to get the itch!! Surely by 2 years the BF knows that you are the one he wants to commit to or has started to make hints that you are the one.  If by the third year those hints haven’t turned into a diamond ring then in my world that screams ‘WE HAVE A PROBLEM HOUSTON’.

Yes I know everyone situation is different but to me there will be nothing worse than holding out for something that is not going to materialise ever!

I do not mean that after two years you should just get engaged because you have been together for that long but if everything is great and you are in a loving caring relationship what is he waiting for?! If it is not great and you have tried to make it work after two years it is time to dust your suitcase down and pack your bags. The world is your oyster.Why waste life’s precious years with someone who perhaps does not love you enough ever to want to propose.

 Share your thoughts. xoxo